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A stro A rticles. Read testimonials from other astrology software users. Read about any of over 15 products for astrology professionals and students. Cookbook of winning astrology software recipes. Find an Astrologer. Why are we the only astrology software company to offer a day money-back guarantee?

We have stable, high-quality astrology programs. Carter, and John Halloran. Starting with the Halloran interpretations for aspects to the Moon's Nodes, the Black Moon Lilith, and the Minor Squares degree and degree , both versions of AstrolDeluxe can automatically grab separate interpretations for males or females.

The astrological software lets you modify the interpretations before or after generating the reports.

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Our AstrolDeluxe software includes specialized features for students of Carl Payne Tobey such as the secondary chart Solar Parts chart and planetary nodes, declination to longitude conversion as taught by Kt Boehrer, the Monthly House System and dragon's nodes taught by Dr. You can create a customized page by adding any chart and details of your choice. You can create an ascendent rising table and view when a particular Sign, Star or any Degree given by you, will enter the ascendent.

You can select a group of charts from your database, based on any condition in the birth chart to segregate all people, who have a particular thing common in their charts. View the definitions and meanings of astrological words that you are unfamiliar with. A dictionary specially meant for astrology words. You can also add new words in it. You can choose the ascendent either as per horarry Nos.

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View the ruling planets, vimshottari dasha, birth chart, bhav chalit, sub-lord, sub-sub-lord Etc. In the house revolving System option, You can change the ascendent according to your requirement. You can either obtain the printouts of all the pages of K. You can print the entire K. Astrology data on a single page.

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This saves time as well as papers. You can choose the ascendent either as per Horarry Nos. View the different types of calculations in lal-kitab like dharmi teva, night-blind horoscope, minor horoscope etc with the causes of their formation and their remedies. View the different types of ancestral curse and debts like fore-fathers debt, mothers debt, unborn debt Kanya rin, stree rin, matrarin etc with the causes and their remedies.

Lal kitab grahphal.

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View the predictions of all the 12 planets according to lal-kitab along with their remedies. Lal-kitab varsh kundli.

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View the yearly chart of lal-kitab along with the remedies to strengthen the weak planets. Remedies according to lal-kitab. Chitrapaksh Lahiri Ayanamsa, K. Ayanamsa, K. You also have the option to change the colors according to your choice. A special worksheet in which you can view 6 multiple charts simultaneously. You can change any charts you wish, and view them with other charts.

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Here you can view 3 charts simultaneously. The other 2 charts are interchangeable. A customized worksheet where you can select any chart of any size to view on the screen and can also be placed anywhere. You can also insert colors in the charts, save them as a BMP File or copy it to the clipboard for further designing.

An extensive worksheet on K. Also 'House Revolving System' in which the ascendent can be changed. You can also view the Horary chart from here. An extensive worksheet on Nadi astrology where you can view the lord, sub-lord, co-ordinates, planetary position, niryana cusp etc. It is one of the main aspects in astrology. The dot system makes it even easier to understand the charts, Here you can view a productive chart with tales to define it, strength in graphs etc, It also has a timer facility in it.


The basic way of judging six planetary strength as given in the classics.